Weapons Training

Weapons training is a fun and exciting aspect of martial arts training. The weaponry classes are open to any student in the unlimited training programme  aged 5 years and older.

Students at Fire Phoenix have the opportunity to study any weapon they are interested in. We teach both the traditional and the extreme weapons skills, and students can choose to focus on one or both styles. Many of our Fire Phoenix Weaponry students are Champions with their selected weapons, and compete in tournaments regularly. Other students enjoy training in the classroom and do not choose to enter tournaments. Students can choose their own journey in weaponry training.

Here is an overview of the weapons studied at Fire Phoenix

Bo Staff

This is one of the most popular weapons, and is a great introductory weapon for all ages. This weapon is a long wooden pole used for striking, blocking and sweeping opponents.


The sword is one of the iconic weapons of the Martial Arts. At Fire Phoenix we teach both the Japanese Samurai Sword and the Chinese Dao.

Arnis Sticks

These sticks are two medium length sticks which are used for striking with deadly speed and accuracy

Dan Bong

A uniquely Hapkido weapon, this is a short stick with a long string attached and can be used for striking and blocking as well as wide range of Self Defence applications.


This Okinawan weapon is popular with the extreme weapons students. It is comprised of two short sticks with blades at one end resembling a sickle. It was traditionally used as a weapon to defend against Sword attacks.


Another Okinawan weapon that comprises two metal sticks with tines to trap and break a sword.

Han Bo

A 3 foot long stick that is primarily an attacking weapon. This is a devastating weapon that is very practical in application.

Other weapons that students have chosen to study include;


· Fan

· Spear

· Naginata

· Kukri

· Knife