Is there a way I can try it out first?

We have a free trial class for all people who are interested in finding out more about our programmes. In the free trial lesson the potential student has the chance to join in the regular class and find out exactly what it is like to be a student at our school. Come along to any class suitable for your age and find out how exciting it is to train in the Martial Arts.

What do I bring for my first class?

Wear casual clothes you can move easily in, such as shorts and T shirt. Bring along a water bottle as well, as we have regular drink breaks in class, especially when the weather is hot. Once you are enrolled as a student, you will receive a martial arts uniform to wear to each class. 

When can I join? Do classes run to school terms? 

You can join our classes at any time! We run our classes all through the year, including over school holidays, so you can enroll as soon as you are ready. We have new students starting all the time, so you will not be alone at the start of your martial arts journey. 

What happens if I miss a class?

Sometimes we miss classes, whether it is because of illness or something happening at home that interrupts our schedules. We understand this at Fire Phoenix, and students are welcome to make up classes at any time by attending any other class suitable for their age and grade. 

My child has special needs, can he/she attend classes?

Students of all abilities are welcome at Fire Phoenix Martial Arts, and we have at any time a number of student with diverse needs in our programmes. Come along for a free trial lesson and see how your child enjoys the classes, and how we integrate students with special needs into our classes. 

Can I watch my childs classes?

You are very welcome to watch your childs classes! We have a seating area in the training hall so parents can see how the classes are going and how their child is progressing. We simply ask that the parents leave the instructing to the instructors and keep noise and distractions to a minimum while the classes are running to set the students up for success. 

How long does it take to get a Black Belt? How do I progress through the belt colours?

Getting to Black Belt is a very personal journey. It will depend on whether you enroll in the once per week programme or the unlimited programme. It will also depend on your commitment to achieving your goals! However, as a very rough guide, you can expect to spend approximately 4 years working towards your Black Belt, and years beyond! 

Progress through the Belt System is done through a series on in class tests called Tip Tests. When a student has achieved certain skills to the required standard they get a Tip on their belt. When they have enough Tips, their instructor invites them to attend a Belt Exam, which are held every month at the school.

The Belt Colours are achieved in the following order;








       Provisional Black