Primary Program

Our primary school students are divided into two age groups, the Blue Phoenix students who are 5-8 years old and the Red Phoenix students who are in 8-12 years old.

In our Blue Phoenix programme we teach a wide range of martial arts techniques from striking, blocking and kicking to rolling and falling safely. We also work on partner skills such as taking turns, learning how to safely target and aim techniques and how to be a part of a supportive and encouraging environment.

In the Red Phoenix programme students are introduced gradually to a more serious martial arts curriculum where we incorporate strategies of self defence, such as evasive footwork, circular motion and releases from grabs and holds.

In both programmes, the emphasis is on a supportive and inclusive training environment where students feel safe enough to try out new techniques and new ideas. Students are encouraged to develop respect, a positive attitude, self discipline, courage, loyalty and leadership.

Students learn real martial arts skills in a fun and supportive way with instructors who care about the development of the whole child.