Fire Phoenix Programs

Fire Phoenix Martial Arts have a range of programs and classes to suit all members of the family.

From Pre school classes all the way to adults classes there is a Fire Phoenix Martial Arts class to suit everyone. Weapons training, Tai Chi and Hyper Extreme Martial Arts classes are all available at a variety of times.

There are multiple levels of enrolment available to students:

One Hapkido class per week

One Hapkido class and one specialty class per week: includes one Hapkido class and one specialty class of your choice (specialty classes include weapons, extreme weapons, yoga, tai chi, sparring, tournament team and parkour)

One Tai Chi or Yoga class per week

Two Hapkido classes per week: entitles students to attend two Hapkido class per week.

Unlimited Tai Chi or Yoga classes

The Unlimited program: includes unlimited access to all the classes offered at Fire Phoenix Martial Arts.

Choose the class you are interested in from the *Programs drop down menu for descriptions and photos of each available program.