Preschool program

Our pre school students are capable of amazing things at Fire Phoenix Martial Arts, and we love introducing these, our youngest students to what can become a life long passion.

Our classes for the pre school students, or Green Phoenix students are based around developing the skills they will need to one day become awesome martial artists. Gross motor skills such as balancing, hopping and jumping. Coordination skills such as following sequences of instructions, distinguishing front leg and back leg and developing hand-eye coordination.  Partner skills such as taking turns, waiting in line and working with another student.

All of these skills are learnt in a fun and play based environment which gives the students the chance to relax and develop these new skills and reinforce already learnt ones as they play. Parents are free to watch the classes, and younger siblings are welcome in the school, making it a very welcoming and encouraging  as well as fun environment.

In the class you can expect to see the students move through a range of activities, from formal start and finishes to the classes, to activities where the children work in small groups with individual attention from the instructor, through to an obstacle course and work with a partner. These keeps the classes fast paced to keep the student’s attention for the entire class.