Tai Chi program

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Tai Chi is a moving mediation. This is an ancient martial art that develops control over the breath, the body, the mind and the spirit.


By repeating the physical movements of Tai Chi, the student increases awareness of their body and develops strength and control in their movements.


As they repeat these movements and grow towards mastery of them, the student has the opportunity to become lost in the movement, and free themselves from external thoughts and distractions and become immersed in the moment. This provides a stillness and an energy that is not found anywhere else.


Some Tai Chi students also study in our Hapkido programme, other students are simply interested in the Tai Chi programme. They are distinct arts, and it is not necessary to do one in order to do the other.


The Tai Chi taught at Fire Phoenix is Yang style Tai Chi. This is a style of Tai Chi which is performed with slow, steady movements which hold no tension in the body. The movements are large and involve the whole body, and the Yang style is a flowing and graceful style.

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