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Fire Phoenix Martial Arts is a Hapkido school located in Corrimal, just north of Wollongong, NSW.

We offer classes for fitness, fun and to deliver the powerful benefits of training such as self control, discipline and respect.

At Fire Phoenix our programmes are based on the Korean Art Hapkido which can be translated to mean ‘The Way of Coordinated Power”. The Art is based on Three Principles – Non resistance to Force, Circular Motion, and Flowing Like Water.

Our Art has the punches and hand strikes of styles such as Karate, the dynamic kicks of Taekwondo and the joint locks and self defence techniques of styles such as Aikido. When put together, it is a fantastic mix of effective self defence skills as well as a programme that develops control of the mind as well as the body, and offers a lifetime of opportunities to learn.

Students at Fire Phoenix are divided into age specific groups to maximize learning. Classes range from pre schoolers of 3 years and older to Adults who are parents and grandparents!

Our kids martial arts classes are a whole lot of fun! Not only is it great for kids fitness, it is more than just another kids sport - the skills students will learn can help them develop their true potential in all areas of their lives.

The pre school programme is a truly unique programme, developed by Sensei Nicole Gibson, who is an Early Childhood educator. The school age programmes have been modified and targeted to suit the developmental needs of each age group by Sah Bu Nim Anneke Wright, who has 20 years of martial arts experience. The adults programmes are about real martial arts, taught well. Our Tai Chi programme is a fantastic complement to our Hapkido classes, or a great stand alone programme.

We offer family friendly classes so the whole family can train at the same time. It is not only convenient for everyone to come along at once, it is also a great family bonding experience.

Our class schedule is the most flexible you will find! There are classes 6 days a week for all age groups, with classes in the daytime, afternoon and evening.

As well as our core Hapkido programme, students can also choose to study in our Weaponry, Tai Chi, and Extreme Martial Arts programmes. This gives students a chance to immerse themselves in the aspect of the Art that most interests them while developing all of the skills of a well rounded Martial Artist.

In addition to our regular classes, we offer school holiday programmes each school holidays. These programmes are varied, and are sometimes activities for kids such as games and craft, and other times are based around learning extreme martial arts, or extreme weapons.

Flexible enrolment options are available, with once per week and unlimited training options to make sure you use the classes you pay for. We even allow student to vary their attendance pattern at any time.

Fees are all inclusive, with no surprises. Your monthly fees include everything you need to be a student, including your uniform when you first get started.

Students have the option of being a part of our Tournament Team. Our Fire Phoenix Tournament Team is made up of beginners getting ready for their first tournament through to Australian Champions. Everyone is welcome to come along and have a try!

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